Future Ready Architecture

Taking action is the key to achieving digital transformation. We can help you build a future-ready, state-of-the-art architectural design. With best practices and proactive solutions, we'll help you maximize your Oracle investment, on-premises, or in the cloud.

As a licensed partner, EPICO Tech can also help you get started by setting up your brand-new Oracle solution. Our consultants are highly skilled with more than 23 years of experience and can help you with everything from the initial licensing set-up and strategy to coding, designing, developing, and maintaining your Oracle database.

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Building highly scalable and well-performing databases is not easy and will never be.

Should business logic only be in the application layer? Should some or all business logic be in the database?

At EPICO Tech we can prove that the best approach to security and performance is to follow the "SmartDB" paradigm. The database design is the foundation to a scalable and secure application. At EPICO Tech we have the experts such as DBA's and developers with security expertise to help you build robust and well performing applications. We can help you understand your current and future investment in Oracle Technology and help you set a roadmap for the future.

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Do you have a database strategy? To successfully develop robust, scalable applications, you need to have established guidelines. You need to know what business problems you are attempting to solve with the database? What is the database going to be used for? Speed, scale, and security? There are many questions to answer, and at EPICO Tech we can help refine and develop those guidelines and help you build a strategy both short- and long-term.  

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Great solutions start with a solid database design. The design is the foundation of your applications, and by doing a proper design at the beginning, you can save both time and money in the future.

  • Is your API for example an effect of your design or has it just happened?
  • How do you refactor to a well-designed API and code architecture?

At EPICO Tech we listen to what you need and help you with creating a robust and scalable design.

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Tech Lead

An effective Tech Lead takes responsibility of the database environment and establishes a technical vision within the organization using a holistic view and move the vision to reality. A great Tech Lead will also contribute to the team spirit.

At EPICO Tech our consultants have an average of more than 23 years’ experience, which will ensure that you get a skilled and competent Tech Lead consultant that can help you with your strategic goals.

With EPICO Tech as your Oracle database partner you will get not only effective Tech Leads, but great Tech Leads. Our expertise and knowledge stemming from more than 23 years of experience will ensure that you get a skilled and competent consultant that can help you with your strategic goals.