We live in a complex and fast-moving IT landscape, with a mindset that latest is the greatest. In turn, this has created a hype-driven development trend, leaving organizations with a wide range of complex frameworks and poorly designed databases. That does not rhyme well with the expectations of today's data-driven organizations.

Oracle low-code platform APEX uses SQL and PL/SQL languages in the backend. Oracle APEX, being a non-license component of the Oracle database, which allows you to take full advantage of all those built-in features like free-text-search, analytics, machine learning, etc.

For big data analysis you can also combine the powers of APEX + Python.

At EPICO Tech we are specialized in low-code, SQL, PL/SQL and Python, bringing a powerful combination to the table.

We are data-driven, and our consultants are specialists, who can both coach and/or advise your organization. We offer a wide range of consultant competences such as designers, developers and more that can aid you with your development process.


Everyone’s going low-code these days. And why wouldn’t you? It’s the faster and more effective way to build apps compared to the traditional application development methods. With your Oracle Database solution, you can take advantage of low-code to build applications faster using less code. In EPICO Tech we have consultants, who are experts in low-code with many years of experience to help you build your applications faster. Focus more on the business logic of your dream application and less on debugging code. For Oracle, the best low-code tool you can choose is Oracle APEX. We have worked with several customers replacing legacy tools in a fraction of the time it would take to build the same application in traditional environments like Java, Scala, Node, Hibernate, etc. Visualize data, consume REST services, or write high-quality reports and forms. Oracle APEX is the tool to use in all these cases.


To be able to harvest the true power from the Oracle database all database engineers need to be fluent in both SQL and PL/SQL. PL/SQL is continuously evolving language and goes hand in hand with the Oracle database. To be a great PL/SQL developer, one needs to have a wide range of skillset, like information modeling, set theory, statistics, and creating execution plans, to name a few. To inherit the robustness, security, and portability of the database use PL/SQL – and we at EPICO Tech can help you with this. Our consultants are fluent in PL/SQL and can help you develop, expand or better your Oracle databases.


Python is excellent for both scripting and automating the Oracle platform. It's also the perfect language for data analysis and data science. Python is a perfect tool for visualization or to cleanup raw data before loading it into a database. For data science or data analysis your data can be analyzed as files, SQL or REST based services. We are highly skilled in both scripting, visualization, and data analysis using Pandas and other science frameworks. Book us for a non-binding meeting and see how we can help you develop your Oracle platform to best suit your needs and strategic goals.