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About EPICO Tech

As a consultant at EPICO Tech you will work with complex and critical Oracle environments with very high demands on availability, security, and performance.

Our consultants have cutting-edge expertise with the Oracle database and Oracle APEX to build scalable low code database-driven applications.  

Many of our consultants is a part of the Oracle Swedish User Group (SWEOUG) and arrange several technical events and Meetups every year. At EPICO Tech it is important to stay updated and improve our network and knowledge.

At EPICO Tech we continue to expand and evolve, which is why we are now ready to start up a team working with data analysis. If you have extensive experience with data analysis and would like to learn more about EPICO Tech and becoming part of our team, send us an e-mail by clicking the arrow below.

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How We Work

Data is the foundation to build on, and it is where every great solution starts and ends. The database is made for performance, but also for giving control over complex business needs. 

With the Oracle Database technologies as a complete development platform, you can build scalable, robust, and secure applications.

At EPICO Tech we help clients in Sweden develop, secure, adjust and improve their Oracle Database solution. We use our in-depth understanding of the Oracle technology stack combined with more than an average of 20 years of experience working as Oracle Consultants. Therefore, based on our clients' needs and goals, we can recommend the best solution and fit for them.

Join our leading Oracle Database experts

Are you interested in becoming an Oracle consultant through EPICO Tech?

Then join our leading team of Oracle database experts - you'll never stop learning, growing, giving... and winning!

Contact us for any questions about jobs in EPICO Tech, via the form below.

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