Database Consolidation

As a business, consolidating your databases can lead to more efficiency, allowing more work to be accomplished with less effort, while still meeting business objectives. Cost reduction, simplicity, security, availability, and performance are all key factors to a successful database consolidation.

At EPICO Tech we have many years of experience with database consolidation, and we can help you consolidate your current database set-up. We always focus on where you and your business are currently at, and then our specialized consultants will help you put together the best plan for consolidating your databases based on your needs and end goals.

It could – for example – be Oracle's converged database, which eliminates the need to select a single database for a single purpose, simplifying development decisions and allowing developers to concentrate on new business needs. In short, our specialized consultants can help you reduce costs by consolidating your databases.


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The future is cloud & multi-cloud, and at EPICO Tech we can help you migrate off expensive on-premises server and onto the cloud’s more flexible platform. Storing your companies’ data in a cloud solution will save you IT costs.

Start your cloud journey by reaping the benefits of the cloud by picking the low-hanging fruits in your organization. What we mean by this is that we start with the smaller systems and move them into the cloud, combining this with your on-premises. In time, we can then scale up the solution saving time and costs by taking it step by step. When you work with EPICO Tech our specialized cloud consultants will advise you on the best way to utilize and optimize cloud solutions.

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Database Administrator

At EPICO Tech we have dedicated and experienced Database Administrators (DBA) that can become part of your team and help you reach your strategic goals.

The role of the DBA is changing rapidly. The modern Database Administrator knows infrastructure architecture and how to set the roadmap and help the board to best use their investments.

The modern DBA is fluent in scripting languages such as Shell, Ansible, Python, and REST services and knows how to set up infrastructure for both on-premises and cloud solutions.

The modern DBA holds a key role in the setup and maintenance of a secure, stable, and performing database architecture, and must also know the best licensing-solutions as well as cost reduction.

In EPICO Tech we see the DBA as the glue between developers and the rest of the team, working closely with other key roles such as DevOps and senior developers to build the best possible solution.

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At EPICO Tech, our consultants can act as your advisor and sparring partner, to help improve your response time and overall performance. What would a 10%-50% response time improvement e.g., do for your business? Do you for example know how to optimize your SQL by evaluating Oracle Wait Interface and why this could benefit you? These are questions that our consultants can help you navigate and answer.

One of our approaches is to start with the experience of the end user – how do they perceive the speed and performance of their application? Based on these inputs we can better put together a plan for how to best optimize your performance. It’s quite common to forget to have the end user in mind and tend to focus more on managing performance with ratios, instead of looking at it holistically.

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By choosing EPICO Tech and hiring one of our consultants you get a license partner that can help you understand and select the latest licensing model that best suits your need.

We can make an accurate inventory that gives you control over your licenses. The analysis provides information about which database options your organization currently are utilizing. In addition, we can also be proactive advisors on which database options may be relevant in the future securing you both short-term and long-term.