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Oracle Specialists

EPICO Tech consists of Oracle Consultants that help both small and large businesses in Sweden. We are an Oracle Database partner, and our consultants have more than average of 20 years of experience with Oracle technology. With both real-world experience and in-depth knowledge our consultants know how to get the job done and help you succeed.

Looking to become an Oracle Consultant?

Love to work with Oracle technologies? Thinking about becoming a consultant or having EPICO Tech as your partner? Then EPICO Tech might be the place for you. We are a team of experienced Oracle Database Consultants, who help both smaller and larger clients and companies in Sweden.

At Epico Tech we work with a variety of technologies, and our consultants have extensive Oracle knowledge.

Let us help your company with your Oracle Database!

Whether your company is looking to implement an Oracle Database solution for the first time or whether you are looking to update, expand or improve an existing Oracle solution, EPICO Tech is your expert and partner. 

Our team of Oracle Consultants have more than average of 20 years of experience with Oracle Databases. Epico Tech can help you with everything from setting up the database to a complete consolidation strategy. We can also design and build scalable low code solutions.

Tell us how we can help!